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We are centrally located in Malahide, Co.Dublin
and are passionate about Health, Nutrition and Happiness.
We want to work with you to develop a Nutrition and Lifestyle plan that will fit your unique individual circumstances. Whether it is your Sleep, Energy, Weight Management, Choosing what foods to Buy or Developing a Healthier more confident relationship with food, we are here to meet your needs. 
Our Plan building team comprises of a Pharmacist, Chef, Nutritionist and Lifestyle coach, our aim is to break down the barriers to a healthier lifestyle using evidence-based information. Together with your input our plans can improve your confidence in the kitchen, helping you shop, prepare, cook and store healthy food more efficiently, improve sleep, increase energy levels & sustainable weight Management.
Whatever your diet or lifestyle we want to work with you, Contact New Delicious Nutrition today to avail of a FREE Introductory Session to ensure we are what you are looking for !
Recipes For Foods You Like!


With over 20 years experience of working with food, we have a large variety of tasty recipes  to suit any diet or food preference.

We also have articles on Healthy Lifestyle Tips and Advice.

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