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Philip Fogarty
Functional Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach


Hi! My goal is to help people  make healthier choices to improve  their health and the quality of their lives.  I believe if you are healthier you are happier. 

I am a qualified Chef and  Functional Nutritionist, I have over 20 years of experience working with food, from Michelin star Restaurants, cooking for Presidents to working in the Healthcare Sector. I have a broad spectrum of experience and I want to use this to help people integrate healthier choices into their daily lives and explore the effects food, stress and lifestyle choices are having on our overall health outcomes.

We are all unique, our bodies have their own individual bio-chemistry and I believe it is important to develop Nutrition and Lifestyle plans that work for your individual circumstances. I believe in dealing with the body holistically, supporting your body systems, using the Functional Medicine Paradigm to help your body to help itself. 

Our Nutrition and Lifestyle choices are not about perfection, they are about trying to build confidence with consistency and understanding our choices;  working towards your health goals by eating foods you like combined with activities you enjoy! 

Deirdre McHugh
MPSI Bsc (Hons) Pharmacy

Welcome, I wish to contribute to guiding you to a Healthier, Happier You!  My twenty years of professional experience in Hospital and Community Pharmacy in various countries has provided me with clinical knowledge to help you achieve your health goals.
I am enthusiastic to provide you with required knowledge on vitamins, herbal and homeopathic products to help optimize your Nutritional & Lifestyle Plans. I can advise on foods that may interact with certain drugs and medication related nutritional deficiencies with supplemental tips to boost your nutrient level. 
 I enjoy continual learning of medicines, healthcare and lifestyle and keeping up to date on the latest scientific findings.  Philip and I share in our commitment to help our client succeed and become the best of themselves.  Patient quality care and professional ethics are the foundation of our practice.  We want to cultivate a healthy and peaceful relationship with food, body and mind. 
 We will assist you with a personalized, dynamic and unique plan to optimize your health and well being; preventing poly-pharmacy complications, undesired side effects and medication interactions all while helping you get your sense of yourself and your energy back.    
My greatest assets are my compassion for people and my desire to work diligently and effectively with integrity for the benefit of patients.  We are here to help you.

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