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Trying to Eat More Salads? Switch up to a Warm Salad !

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Roasted Cajun Vegetable Warm Salad

Roasted Cajun Vegetable Warm Salad - Tired of trying to rehash the same old salads, why not try a warm salad? We all try to eat healthy but it can be difficult to continually come up with new ideas that are appetizing. If you're bored with always having a cold salad try switching up to a warm salad, eating something warm makes us feel more satiated.

This Warm Salad can be made quickly, is very filling and it is packed full of heart healthy Fats, Antioxidants, and Phytonutritents. Eating different colours of fruit and vegetables is important as it ensures we get a good variety of phytonutritents, which help the body's natural systems maintain homeostasis.

Ingredients Serves 4, Prep Time: 15 Minutes (*Vegan)

Sweet Potato 1 Dressing

Carrot 2 Olive Oil 2 tsp

Potato 1 1/2 a Lemon Juiced

Red Onion 1 Seasoning

Asparagus 3

Courgette 1

Beetroot 1

Avocado 1

Cucumber 1/2

Rocket 20g

Spinach 40g

Cajun Spice 1 tsp

Coconut Oil 2 tsp


1. Roughly dice Sweet Potato, Carrot, Potato, Red Onion, Asparagus, Courgette, Avocado, coat with Cajun Spice & seasoning .

2. Lightly saute prepared vegetables in a wok with coconut oil for 3 approx. minutes.

3. Transfer saute vegetables to a baking tray and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 160c. Then take out of the oven and allow to cool for five minutes.

3. Dice Beetroot, Cucumber and add to salad bowl with Spinach and Rocket leaves

4. .Mix Olive Oil, seasoning and Lemon Juice to make salad dressing.

5. Add cooled roasted vegetables and salad dressing to the salad bowl and toss, serve with wedge of lemon.

Nutritional Breakdown

If you want to increase protein content you can add some diced chicken or some roasted walnuts.

Phytonutritient Focus

In this section we take a look at some of the wide variety Phytonutritents in the salad.


The Allium compounds in onions are good for the heart and helps maintain a healthy blood pressure. It also contains Quercentin which has ant-inflammatory properties.


Spinach is packed full of vitamins, minerals and phytonutritients. The phytonutritents Beta-Carotine, Lutein and Zeaxanthin has been shown to have cancer prevention properties.

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