Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

We Believe in a Healthier, Happier You!

We want to help you build a Diet and Lifestyle you're proud of !


Whatever your current diet or lifestyle is, New Delicious Nutrition carefully evaluates each client and formulates a personalized plan based on your specific circumstances, needs and goals.

Working with you, we will develop a custom Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan that is tailored to your specific health goals. We want to build a plan that leads to sustainable long-term growth that empowers you to build on your health goals long into the future.

What’s Included:

  • Exploring your current diet and lifestyle choices

  • Professionally analysed Food Diary and detailed Report with Nutritics software

  • Exploring how food and our lifestyles impact your Energy Levels

  • Developing a Healthy Sleep Routine

  • Tailored Nutritional Plan based around Tasty Recipes of foods you like

  • Exercise that works for you

  • Healthy Cookery, Food Prep and Storage Class*

  • Personalised Supplement Guide

  • Online Support

We all have different health goals so we have two Nutrition and Lifestyle options available. Giving you the option to choose the plan that is that best suits your goals. 

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Healthy Tasty Health #1
1 x 60-minute Client Clarity Session
1 x 60-minute Plan Building Session
2 x 45-minute Follow up Sessions
Monthiy Accountability Email + Support


Price     €300

Payment Options €120 deposit and 3 payments of €60

Healthy Tasty Health #2
1 x 60-minute Client Clarity Session
1 x 60-minute Plan Building Session

1 x 60-minute One to One Healthy  Cookery, Food  Prep & Storage Class*
2 x 45-minute Follow up Sessions
Monthly Accountability Email + Support

Price     €400
Payment Options €160 deposit and 4  payments of €60


Contact us today to Avail of our FREE Introductory Session to ensure we are what you are looking for !

Family First Nutrition

Improve your whole family's diet, we offer expert advice and literature on how to Shop, Prepare, Cook Food healthier for you and your family. We explain nutrition labelling, good & bad fats, reducing sugars, dairy options, kids meals, processed foods, vegan & vegetarian diets, bread, whole grains, allergies and meats. Supermarket Guide is done in-store with advice on what products to buy and assessing if the products you currently buy are aligned with your health goals. Contact us for more information and to find out which stores we offer this service.

  • 1 hour One-to-One Healthy Cookery Class

  • 45 Minute Nutritional Supermarket Guide 

  • Price : €175



Healthy Tasty Workshops 

We want to help your staff integrate Healthier Nutritional and Lifestyle choices into their daily routines.  Sick leave currently costs the Irish economy an estimated  £1.5 billion per year plus lost opportunity costs on productivity.  Using the latest science we can give advice on the importance of sleep, mental well being, optimize energy levels and the effects dietary choices have on our overall health with the goal of improving productivity, morale and reducing sick leave.  Incorporating positive practice into your company can greatly enhance the performance, recruitment and retention of staff thus providing a return on any financial investment made in these areas. Contact us today for more information!

Food Consultancy

We at New Delicious Nutrition can conduct nutrient analysis, nutritional information for food labeling, recipe makeovers, menu development to enhance choices for special dietary requirements & provide nutrition guides lines for staff and customers. Contact Us for more information.


The Restaurant Sector is a competitive business with an ever increasing demand from weight, health and eco-conscious customers. As a Nutritionist with a strong culinary background, I am in an ideal position to help you develop and grow your clientele.  Peoples dietary choices are becoming more complicated and diverse so it is vital to ensure accurate  nutritional information is communicated to customers through your menus, signage and staff.  We want to help your restaurant excel in meeting customers nutritional requirements. 

Contact Us for more information.

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